Outcome of the EOGM held on 11th January 2024
Outcome of the 88th AGM held on 29th August 2022
Outcome of the 85th AGM held on 27th September 2019
Outcomes of 84th AGM held on 10th August 2018

Consolidated Scrutineers Report

Proceedings of AGM

Outcome of 83rd AGM held on 8th August 2017
Outcome of 81st AGM held on 8th August 2015

Ballot Form – 81st AGM

Proceedings of AGM

Consolidated Scrutineer Report

Outcome of 80th AGM held on 23rd July 2014

Ballot Form

Proceedings of AGM

Scrutineers Report for 80th AGM

Outcome of 89th AGM held on 28th August 2023