VeriFacts Group is a background/antecedents verification company a MODERN INDIA ENTERPRISES, specialized in the field of Candidate Authentication Program (CAP). Headquartered in Bangalore, with seven other branches in India and several associates across the globe, Verifacts provides its services to a large number of Multinational & National companies across the Globe effectively.

Mr. Vijay Kumar Jatia is Chairman of the Company having vast and varied experience of about 35 years in Industry, Trade and Commerce. Other Board members consist of luminaries from the field of Law, Taxation and Commerce.

Col. Swapan Bhadra, is the CEO of the Company, spearheading the affairs of the Company, having rich experience of about 40 years in Indian Army, business and human resources segment of enterprises.
Global Analysis
India has emerged as a global player and the favoured destination for IT and IT Enabled Services activities largely for its English speaking pool, strong management capabilities and entrepreneurship. Already employing a whopping 1.5 million strong force, it is reason enough for companies to focus on long term strategic goals to retain competitive advantage.
As companies steadfastly aim to move up the value chain – where the value and economic benefits are even higher – demand for new skill sets to steer the new service lines and high end processes is gaining momentum. Talent pool is hence key to leveraging the advantage of companies in this segment. While India has a vast talent pool, the challenge to companies today is in hiring the right talent, developing the right skill sets and retaining it.
Recruitment practices are playing a key role with the expansion of services and infrastructure. Issues of governance, business continuity, safety and security are as critical for both customers and service providers alike. Wrong hiring results in multiple problems in work place e.g.,

  • Lawsuits by employees or third parties
  • Workplace violence
  • Unqualified employees, Lost business and customers
  • Theft, embezzlement, or property damage
  • Negligent hiring exposure
  • Sexual harassment difficulties
  • Financial losses, Fraudulent claims     

     Verifacts Group, hence, is the critical success factor in your recruitment process. Focusing on background screening and credentials verification from its proven Candidate Authentication Program (CAP),Verifacts offers best-of-breed and cost-effective services empowering employers & recruiters to make the right hiring decision.

  • 34% resumes contain falsified information
  • 11% false education claims
  • 22% of the driving records contain violations
  • 95% of companies are victims of theft and only 10% discover it
  • Attrition rates over 40%
  • 14% feel it is fine to mislead employers about experience related to past employments     

Verifacts Experience

  • 10.2 % employment discrepancies
  • 31.5% falsified employment information
  • 35.04% false employment period 
  • 8.27% designation misuse
  • 14.96% quit without notice
  • 3.94% have negative feedbacks
  • 2.76% falsifies remuneration
  • 2.76% did not fulfill the notice period
  • 0.79% terminated from employment
  • 3.4 % education discrepancy


  • Legalities are taken into consideration as the screening process is carried out only after consent is obtained in writing from the candidate
  • Automated process flow
  • Dedicated managers for employment, education and criminal records check
  • Authentication and verification checks through written acknowledgements and physical visits
  • Discrepancies re-checked by senior managers
  • Case closures as per QA standards
  • QA compliance reviews
  • Online status reporting to clients